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Hi, I’m Kenya Hijuelos, an interior designer and a proud mom. Becoming a mom has made me determined, persevering, and faithful in the belief that with love and discipline, everything is possible.

I noticed that the options on the market for children’s beds were monotonous and designed for adults, not for kids. So, I created Zleeplay, a product that transforms children’s beds into a magical and adventurous space.

Zleeplay is a bed costume that allows children to activate their creativity and imagination in a fun and safe way. With different themes to choose from, your child can have a unique and exciting experience every night.

Not only does Zleeplay stimulate children’s imaginations, but it also helps them develop important skills such as language, sharing, and decision-making. It’s a room where they can create characters, situations, and become more confident in making decisions.

Zleeplay is not only for sleeping but can also be used for playtime and fun. It’s the perfect tool to make kids love sleeping in their own beds.

Join me in creating a highly creative atmosphere for our children. Let’s give them the tools to realize that everything is possible. Learn more about Zleeplay and let’s create a brighter future for our children, one bed at a time.

!My 5-year-old son loves the sports car! Since we got the bed he is always excited for bedtime and stays in his bed all night! Thank you Zleeplay! Happy kids and happy parents!

I love this product! My daughter loves barbie and the pink convertible makes her feel as if she’s barbie riding in a Barbie car!.

My kids are obsessed with the pirate ship! We use it for their beds and also set it up without the bed for imaginative pirate play time!.

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